The heart of our organization is the dedicated volunteers who deliver meals (rain or shine) to our clients. Volunteers vary widely in age and occupation (students, homemakers, professionals, retirees) and include groups (civic, social and/or church-related).  They serve gladly and express great personal satisfaction from volunteering.   On some days, our volunteers are the only person our recipients see.

Volunteers are needed to deliver the meals. 

The number of meals served is limited in part by the number of volunteers available to deliver to recipients.  GIMOW currently serves over 100 meals daily, with over 10 routes to cover the island.  Meals are prepared and distributed from Moody Methodist Church, 2803 53rd Street. Each route may include from 5 to 10 individuals and generally takes no more than one hour to pick up meals and deliver.

Individuals can serve as volunteers on 3 levels:  

  • As a weekly volunteer, delivering meals for a specific route on the same day (Monday-Friday) of each week

  • As a member of a monthly team, delivering a route once a month on a certain day of the week

  • As a substitute, delivering occasionally for a weekly volunteer when called

If you have one hour a week to give

you will be richly rewarded by this opportunity to serve Galvestonians who need our help.

If you are interested in helping us serve our community

please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at (409) 744-2668 or via email at galvestonmealsonwheels@gmail.com